Sunday, August 15, 2010

blog feature!

recently my sister's friend - also named holly (mathis) - who is an interior decorator came across my alphabet prints and collages. i felt flattered that she loved them and wanted to use them in a blog post for the nester. she writes about creating a fresh look for a nursery. check out the nester site as well as holly's - she got a very keen and creative eye!

and here are a few alphabet prints to get you going! i so love making these. i have about a dozen new ones i'm working on as well as a list of several more groupings i'd like to do. what alphabet prints would you like to see?


  1. congrats on the feature! :) your alpha prints are so beautiful!!

  2. This is only the beginning for you, girl! You've got serious talent and are creating such unique things! I'm so happy that being a mommy has inspired you to work at your art again! The world is a better place with you and your art in it! Xo!