Sunday, September 26, 2010


is the name of a U2 song and the name of said lead singer's non-profit to eradicate global AIDS and poverty.
ONE singular sensation, every little step he takes.... you are singing by now i bet!
ONE two three four, tell me that you love me more.... another song i love by feist.
and finally, ONE is caleb's age.
sigh. every mama must say this: the time has flown. i blinked and now my little bug is trying to walk, saying mama, meowing, and weaned. he's even getting a sense of humor.
he is such a happy boy, so curious, so independent, so...just SO!

i love birthdays and i think everyone should be made to feel special on their very own day. ironically, i am also terrible at remembering birthdays outside of my very near circle. but when i do i love celebrating people. so i decided to create a few traditions....

a birthday banner. handmade with paper flags and hand-drawn letters from contrasting paper. as more kids come along, i'll make new names and use it til it shreds.

a birthday collage. since i can't seem to keep up with the baby book, a yearly collage with memorable moments written on the back. at 18, he'll get a keepsake box with little pieces of art.

one of my closest friends brought over a balloon. he was fascinated! 
but alas, so was the kitty, malcolm, and it mysteriously popped within 12 minutes.

my little guy.
i'm melting!
and the best part...soon one will become TWO!


  1. Do I have the cutest nephew ever or what?!?! Love that little face! Cute balloon photo. Happy one year of motherhood to YOU!


  2. i melted toO! that last little picture is WONDERFUL! happy first birthday to caleb! love the birthday collage!

  3. yes, you do have the cutest nephew. hands down!

  4. Don't forget to come for a plaster cast of # 2 foot or hand! Awesome!

    Dr Wood And Staff