Tuesday, May 31, 2011

hiatus from everything except babies

hi. my name is holly, & i fell into a baby filled hole for about 6 months.
between bringing cole home and then learning i am pregnant {what?!? yes. pregnant.} with apparently boy #3 {my lucky number....think i'll stop here}, i haven't created much. well outside of designing/creating a vision for our new-under-construction home with some fabulous architects i haven't. oh, yes, and of course creating baby #3. but i won't write about that.

but all of the sudden i am on a collage rampage and it feels good. i am talking like a week long maybe shorter rampage. there's a lot to show, so i'll spread it out over many posts so as to make sure the next 6 months don't fall back into a blogless hole.

starting with this one i made for perhaps one of the most gifted women i know. she is moving to london with her family, so her naturopathic business is in the hands of some of the other most gifted women i know. {seriously - if something ails you, give heights of health a shout. i think they are responsible for getting me pregnant twice over.}

tracy, if you happen to read this trying-to-climb-out-of-a-baby-filled-hole blogpost, i will miss you. but i am sending you lots and lots of love and energy and adventure wishes. xoxo

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  1. Look at you, sister! Babies are more important than blogs, but it's so fun to read your writing. And your art...your ART! Amazing as always! I'm glad you've had a creative burst. Love you so much! xo...Lins