Wednesday, May 26, 2010

cheery cheer!

my sister (seems i start a whole bunch of sentences that way...who would i be without her??) had an open studio last week in her home and generously asked my mom and me to bring our creations over as well. it was fun to see all of our very different but equally creative work there together, and it was all in all a successful day. so funny because when we were growing up my sister always referred to me as "the creative one" and now she makes a living off of just that - being creative! though my creativity always remains a part of me, my "living" was made teaching and counseling. now i'd like to dive back into creating and seeing if anything lucrative comes of that. so in the next few posts, i will introduce ways i am trying to re-wet my feet in that department. if you read and have suggestions, please send them along!
a plate full of delectable cupcakes. what's your pleasure? chocolate or vanilla?

alphabet prints in a handmade felt pouch, which i am selling on my new etsy site!

beautiful, classic stationery made by the lovely linsey. and she says she's not the artist?!?!

and hand woven and sewn e-reader covers by lulu. the one with an image of to kill a mockingbird was my favorite. but that's two or three other posts - why i love that book so much.

i come from a family of inspiring women! how lucky am i....


  1. New online shop! Way to go, little sis! People are going to flip when they discover you! I'll be your PR department! Xo...Linsey

  2. Hey, Nettie here. The above was me too...just testing my google acct.
    With the current cupcake craze going on, I believe that every cupcake store in Houston (and beyond) would want to have your felties to sell. Especially since my friend just told me that her daughters friend collects everything "cupcake". In the Chronicle I read about the Airstream mobile cupcake store. Yours definetly need to be there.
    And your alphabet flash cards...I can see those in Fundamentally Toys amd Museum gift shops. I collect "ABC" stuff, so I need the rest of the letters; the ones not included with the groups you had at the show last Thursday.

    Bon chance,