Friday, May 28, 2010

ooh la la!

another tembo open studio is coming your way! if you stumble into the woodlands, texas next wednesday, come by and support a handful of creative moms selling their wares, including me!
here is the evite link with directions and a list of vendors. AND here is the e-flyer done up by the lovely jennifer of silly nilly designs.

i met jennifer at my sister's open studio last week. she and her mom have silly nilly designs, a children's clothing line. when we got to talking it was just inevitable that we connect because she and i both take pictures of sidewalks. yes, SIDEWALKS! who does that?? we both agreed that when we take photos on vacation, they are more likely to be of textures and colors we like rather than site seeing photos. so yes, we could browse my photo library, and i would be able to tell you which grates are italian, and which are french. so glad we met because she is helping me fulfill the goal of connecting with other creative moms! please come if you can - there are sure to be a lot of lovely must haves!



  1. I wish I could come, but I'll be keeping that cute little baby of yours! Sounds like a neat group of creative mommies. Have fun!!!

  2. When I saw you'd be there, I was really excited! I just loved your "real" artwork;o) It's amazing. Yah - the only thing we're missing is Lynsey! See you Thursday!

  3. how fun! and i see you put stuff in your etsy shop! yay! :)