Thursday, June 10, 2010

cloud machine

the latest digital collage

there are so many things you can't do digitally that you can do by hand, and vice versa. i don't think you'll see it on this lower res image, but there is some nice subtle stuff going on the background with layers and scratching up the surface with a thin pencil shape. i think it needs more, but i don't know what....
any suggestions?


  1. Oh my GOODNESS! Love it! Love the umbrella especially. umpbrella would look good on stationery! Maybe show a little more of the blue ticket that is barely showing on the left edge...just a little more?

  2. this makes me smile, because i love love clocks, and watching the gears slowly tick around. i also love how this is super long and the image slowly winds its way up and down the picture plane - like the natural and organic passage of time! i opened the the image in a separate window to look at it more closely, and i could see the subtle pencil scratches.

    did you figure out what this needed? i know i am late in the game commenting! if you haven't.... my suggestion: i think the way the image currently stands, there's alot of subtlety and alot of boldness in the images on the surface, but not much of the in between? one of the things i love about your collages is how you mask over some layers, and let other layers peek through. as i'm looking at your collage, my eye is looking for something to counter the curve of the rubber duckies and complement the clock gears that snake up.down the picture plane.

    maybe those are way more suggestions than you are asking for... if you have already figured out what's missing, i'd love to see what you did! :D