Wednesday, June 16, 2010

take #2

based on some great feedback and my own determination to give this piece a little more depth, i went back to cloud machine (which i really think i'll call made with love) and made some improvements. check out the original on my june 10th post and tell me which you like better!  there is all willy nilly a line from perhaps my favorite ee cummings poem straggling down the collage. can you make it out? a little sorpresa for you if you can! just leave it in the comment box and i will draw a name.

btw - all of my digital collages are available for purchase on my etsy shop


  1. You're so clever! I like the little tag on the flea. FYI to your readers: table sold early, but we'll have lots of fun little things for your house!

    I love what you've done to the collage. I love clean space, but it was almost too clean/flat for you. Like the text coming through! Looks awesome! How fun for you to share your progression with us! Xo...Lins

  2. Ah, the addition of the text is a perfect way to fill the voids in the original piece, and LLH's suggestion to pull the blue stub more into the piece makes the other one make more sense. Good work.

  3. I didn't "google" e.e. Cummings but I can pick up, "no one even the such small hands". My opinion, I adore art work with text.

    So, text away!

  4. Hey Jolly, I see those two posts are are early birds. I posted at 10 PM MY TIME but is listed at 8PM. Must be a west coast host site.

    See you soon,Nettie

  5. LOVE IT!! :) love the fading text, love seeing more of the ticket stub, and love that no one, not even the rain, has such small hands. good work :)