Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy b(earth)day!

today is a great day for 4 (four!)...count them...1 - 2 - 3 - 4 reasons.

1.  4 = 2+2
i love little number sense things like that. like when i turned 27 on 03.03.03 and 3 cubed is 27.

2. it's one of my bestie's birthdays! happy b(earth)day janie-poo!

3. caleb is exactly 7 months today. his new trick is sitting tall and doing the cutest little shrug maneuver with his whole arms.

4. it's earth day! what are you doing to commemorate the earth? i am sending you a collage made in part on a fabulous website brought to me (now you!) by my very own sister.  MOOMAH is a wonderful little cafe, art space, child and parent or caregiver hang out spot in new york city (of course). all i can say is wow. i want to open one in houston. do you think they'll let me pirate their idea???

go forth and PLAY!


  1. i think you should totally open one in houston -- it's a sure hit!

  2. Go for it! So up your alley. Weren't you just telling me about a creative space like this? I'd come! Glad Alston told me about it through her blog!