Wednesday, April 7, 2010

nothing more

when i spend time with women i really love - my sister, katy, jane, nektaria, elizabeth, angela, my mom, alison to name just a few - i am reminded of how lucky i am to have girlfriends in my life. especially the kind who aren't competitive or catty, who love you because they love you. the kind who when you are together, 1 hour easily becomes 4. the kind who could keep me laughing in a dark closet. the kind i trust with my life, and most importantly, my son's.  these are all women for whom i could buy underwear. i know whether they wear thongs, briefs, or bikinis. i could probably even guess whether they prefer lace or cotton. but don't worry, won't be getting a mysterious pair wrapped round your doorknob anytime soon.
i find it harder and harder to meet new friends as i get older. perhaps it is because we are beyond our school days, beyond college where our lives were literally stacked on top of each other...where we literally went to the bathroom together. but in this new stage of mommy-hood, i am so grateful for my newest friend, nektaria. she is witty, smart, compassionate, and generous. our 5 and 6 month olds are besties and they simply beg us to go walking together nearly everyday. through their bond, where they have deep discussions about poopy diapers, cloth or disposables, the milk flavor of the day, nektaria and i were brought together. my fears of growing lonely or restless during my year at home have completely quelled owing largely to the many laughs (and coffees while walking dogs and pushing strollers) we've shared over the last 4 months. the women i know are amazing people. they keep me real. and they are all things feminine: nurturing, compassionate, stylish, sexy, creative, and also leaders, brains, independents, and visionaries. for all of you, girls, i made this digital collage...because i could wish for nothing more than amazing people like you in my life.


  1. beautiful :)
    nothing can compare to good girlfriend time--it always rejuvenates the other aspects of my life! plus it doesn't hurt that it often involves wine...or coffee...or breakfast or dinner!
    love you :)
    i can't wait to spend some girlfriend time with my sweet cousin.

  2. awwwwwwwwwwww.... and we were just talking about this too! i think you wrote this, though, before :). i love hanging out with you! and am very thankful that we do get to hang out randomly in the middle of the day. <3