Saturday, April 24, 2010

sometimes spontaneity is all you need.

this morning my mom called, and in a voice laced with excitement and a little mischievousness asked, "can you take care of maizy tonight?" when she sounds thrilled about leaving her little furless wonder, you know something is really up. she loves that dog. maybe even more than she loves us! it is sometimes easier (and i speak from experience) to love a dog. i mean they are always happy to see you, they don't talk back, and they sit when you say least when peanut butter is involved. anyway, my mom apparently woke up this morning and decided she and my dad needed to get out of town. so they did, and i have her dog. for a moment i felt a pang of jealousy....i wanna just get up and get out of town! but 2 dogs, 2 1/2 cats, a baby, and a planner of a husband keep you pretty homebound on spontaneous saturdays.
but i just realized i had my own little burst of spontaneity this morning. we went to a 3 year old birthday party today, and i woke up with a penchant to make him a collage. not necessarily what a dash around ball of energy gets up and asks for on his birthday, but something i hope he will appreciate later. lying in bed a few images danced around my sleepy head. then i got out my scissors, photoshop, and my "collage items" picture file - all before a cup of coffee! and voila! my whirlwind spontaneous burst of creativity! so i didn't hop in my car, windows down on a breezy saturday, and head for the hill country, but my imagination took me away. and you know, sometimes i love what gets born in a matter of minutes as much as i love the piece that evolves over months. check it out...


  1. Of course you would enjoy making a 3rd birthday collage! And with an elephant to boot! What a lucky little boy! xo...Lins

  2. i left a bunch of comments the last time i visited your site, but apparently none of them registered :(. i don't remember what any of the other comments said, but i DO remember that i love this collage because it looks so happy! and i know you were probably happy to make a collage about THREE! :)

  3. as the mom of this 3-year-old, i can attest to how much he loves his beautiful, thoughtful and very happy collage! we framed it and hung it in his playroom, which also happens to be our dining room, so mom and dad get to enjoy it as well. :-) thanks again, holly!!