Saturday, April 3, 2010

a different kind of resurrection

it's no coincidence that so many life giving, important events happen in spring time. two major religions celebrate arguably their most significant days: passover and easter. both offer capitulating moments of reflection and redemption. in the wild animals come out of hibernation, often with new cubs, pups, hatchlings, etc. the days get longer so we can enjoy the magnificent rays of the sun until the evening hours. families come outside with their kiddos, shaking off the winter frost and blinking back the bright sunlight. cocktails on the porch swing anyone? sign me up!
perhaps the reason all these things happen in spring is because the season itself is all about renewal. who doesn't love the chartreuse of new blooms? or the fact that a bud in the morning is a full fledged flower by noon? my garden took a serious hit this winter since houston had some epic below freezing days - very unusual for us. 

i took this photo on a bleak day in february when i had to trim back all my dead, blow torched plants. i cried real tears. i worked really hard in my garden over the years to get it lush and green and colorful, and 5 straight days of sub freezing temperatures and a surprise snow took it, quite literally, to the ground.
i like to call this photo "armageddon." and yes, that is an entire small tree lying breathless on the ground. sigh. 
BUT lovely weather and the renewal of spring has allowed me to get my hands dirty again. i replaced several very dead plants, this time (jaime, my friend, i hope you're proud) with natives or adapted plants and grasses. soon, very soon, butterflies and perhaps even hummingbirds won't be able to keep their little nectar suckers out of them! they will become very fat and happy...already i saw two swallowtail butterflies flirting with the columbines. the companion photos i like to call "resurrection."

watching nature unfold is perhaps the most real experience of god i have on a day to day basis. even the hibiscus i cut all the way to stumps is coming back with trembling little leaves. 

r   e   j   o   i   c   e   !

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  1. hooray for regrowth! i did notice little buds coming out of the ground in your front yard the other day. everything finally feels so much more alive at our place too. actually, mike just replaced all our hibiscus plants with HOLLY! no joke! our hibiscus plants were way past resurrection. i am hoping our oak tree comes back to life, though. it's hopeful!! :)