Thursday, March 11, 2010

cupcakes with love

i think i've noticed a cupcake fad lately. or maybe my eyes are big as saucers when it comes to any bite or two or three sized goodie made with chocolate. my guilty pleasure lately seems to be just happening by crave cupcakes in uptown park. they claim to have no preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, etc. they are not exactly organic but not exactly unnatural either. i suppose it's a better fetish than cheetos, which i am still known to indulge in if they are given away for free post fun run or on an airplane. yep, hand over that yellow #9! to my body's relief, i do find barbara's organics even yummier than chester's. anyway, back to cupcakes...
i've been making quite a few of my own as well. aside from my first ever adventure with butter cream frosting for a friend's baby shower, i've made some 100% natural, zero fat, super fudgy mini cakes that last forever. before you read and re-read my words in utter disbelief and go asking for the recipe, check out the photo.

my sister sent me this lovely little still life after she received her fancy cupcake for her birthday. another dear friend got an endless dessert on wednesday for her special day as well. i've attached little tags with a simple birthday message to the tops. i can just imagine myself behind a counter selling these by the baker's dozen. maybe i should make a felt chef's hat too! i am trying to figure out how to actually make money selling handmade goods. i don't know the best venue - online or in a physical space - but i keep having fantasies of a little store that sells all handmades by fabulous women. please please send along your ideas...and a yes or no as to whether you'd crave my cupcakes!

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  1. what about both?? i think there are lots of shops that have an online store front also via etsy.

    i want to do that with you! :)that would mean going back and making things first... sigh...