Tuesday, March 30, 2010

birds on a wire

...or a stick...but who's getting technical?
i am enchanted by birds sitting upon wires. it amazes me that they teeter back and forth, beak nearly pointed to the ground, but never fall. during springtime, houston sees a major influx of birds migrating back north after the winter. i wish i could say i knew all the varieties, but we'll have to ask my friend jaime about that....he's a nature wiz!
as a small homage to my love of birds and springtime  and all things handmade, i created these little guys on their own perch. i love the shadow they cast in the bright sunlight.

thanks to my sweet friend alison, who led me to the pattern for these lovely, sculptural birdies. you should see the mobile she made! my son loves to touch it.


  1. I can't decide which is more artsy...this cool, crafty thing you made or the way you photographed it! Neato!

  2. OMG! how fun! nice extra touches with the wings and the little crown (kind of looks like a cute little mohawk ;)) where did you put it in your house? and i agree with your sister- photographed beautifully! :)