Monday, March 8, 2010

the perils of too much, take two

last week my sister posted a blog with the same title. her's was more or less about paying for doing too much, but the title alone made me smile because i have so often been accused of being "too much." when i was little i was too emotional or too sensitive. people with cameras told me on many occasions, "a little less's a bit too much." in middle school one of my best buddies told me he couldn't be my friend anymore because i was "too happy and my clothes were too colorful." when it was cool to be dour and depressive i guess i couldn't muster enough of it. although at some point having my friends systematically dump me for too much of one thing or another, caused some sadness!
i remember after watching one of my favorite movies, the power of one, i proclaimed i wanted to save the world and my parents just laughed and said, "holly you are (you guessed it) too much." i have a lot of passion, and sometimes when i get on my soapbox or express how i feel i become too difficult. for so long i felt i was simply too much for the world. how could i fit? how would i find my very special one?
i often heard that i was too intense for boyfriends, that i needed to lighten up and i guess giggle girlishly a little more. i kid you not one guy i dated broke up with me with these parting words: "your eyes...your's all just too much." awesome.
when i was pregnant i apparently touched my belly too much and i am sure there are several who think i love my baby a bit too much. i could go on and imagine how happy i must feel upon marrying a laid back, everything's cool kinda guy and my too much is just enough for him. sigh. finally! josh can play superman to my too muchness anytime!

i wonder if gladys here was too much for her time? i mean she's there in her sensible shoes, can't be much past the 1920's, reading a paper. women weren't exactly encouraged to read papers and stay informed during that time. i wonder if she even had opinions of her daring! such a benign act to us now, so here's hoping that someday my too much will be just right!

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