Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my little artist

i am in the midst of three different projects, and with only about 2-3 hours a day to work on them, plus do laundry, vacuum, and all the other chores to get done while baby sleeps, it may be a while....
BUT today caleb and i took a trip to the children's museum.  while there is not much for a 6 month old to do there, i thought it s good experience for him to touch, see, and hear new sights. he enjoyed holding on to  the cables holding up this funky climbing tower, loved sitting on a big boy bike and holding the handle bars, and of course seeing himself in the mirror. it's so cute how he looks away shyly when he catches his own eye! however, when we finally found the tiny tots section, he loved sitting in this squishy one person circle full of the kind of balls used in those germ infested net cages filled with balls, the likes of which you see at chuck e. cheese's. he held them with both hands, of course tasted them, and figured out he could put his finger inside the whiffle ball and pick it up. he was working up a right big puddle of drool with his intense concentration! it's pretty amazing watching a child discover something for the first time, usually things that have completely lost their magic for us. touching water in our fountain, for example. it never ceases to bring a dimpled smile.
amidst all the yelling kids beating each other over the head with back packs and school folders, we sat down in the painting room and caleb made his first piece of art!

okay so maybe i had to help him hold the brush...and i did dip it into the watered down, muddied colors...but he jabbed the paper. so we'll call it a collaborative. how beautiful is that? i love my baby! 

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  1. Such a good mommy you are! Putting me to shame with all of your outings! Glad you're loving mommyhood so much. Best job in the world!